I want to firstly apologise for leaving ti so long since the previous blog post, for someone within the marketing and social media business, a long hiatus never looks good. So take note!

The reason for the hiatus is quite a long one, so will explain as best I can within a limited amount of words, as I do not wish to rabbit on.

Just before Christmas we moved to Watlington in Oxfordshire, as my partner Michael was headhunted for his dream position. In circumstances such as these, the opportunity was far too good to turn down. I have also decided to return to studying. I am half Italian, and whilst I am still able to speak Italian relatively fluently, my grammar and writing has suffered. I am also able to speak Spanish, having taken it for GCSE; so I thought with the move it would be prime opportunity to take a break and study hard, so that I would be able to also offer the language services, along with the marketing and social media services. However, I have decided that I can in fact do both at the same time, and Watlington and the surrounding areas are full with fantastic businesses, again it seemed like a silly opportunity to pass up!

So there we are; the full, albeit, shorter explanation for the hiatus. I am now going to bury my head underneath severe planning for blogs, posts and other work to find more wonderful clients and businesses who potentially require my help. Do not forget that you are free to comment for any helps and suggestions, as well as any tips and suggestions for myself.



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