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I have recently taken on a new client, Annamaria, who is setting up a business in health and well-being, as well as family life, fashion and exercise regimes. I have been researching blogs for Annamaria to get an idea of what others have designed, what they are blogging about, how they are blogging about, and most importantly, why they have started the particular blog. It was a really fun search as it isn’t normally something that I would look into, and some of the blogs I came across were just fantastic. I’ve found that, quite apart from health and well-being, these blogs cover everything from art, fashion and photography, to family life, trials and suffering, successes with things they have tried and tested. What shines through is the passion behind these blogs, which isn’t always something that you see.

So I thought it would be nice to list a few blogs that I have come across that I love to read, that I think showcase what is right about a blog!

Being Positive about Being Positive –

Being Positive is a blog that focuses on life after discovering that they are HIV Positive. The blog covers everything from the back story to how they caught the infection, to how it has affected their day to day life, health, diet and how it has affected their emotional state. I think that this is a beautiful blog because it has been designed to look simple. This allows the actual content to be thing that captures and holds the reader. It would make sense that all blogs are like this, but in fact, I find that it is all dependant on the subject. Being Positive works not only because of appearance and content, but also because it’s such a raw, honest and relevant blog.

The Damson Tree –

The Damson Tree is written by my very clever and wonderful friend Jessica Field; we met at university in Bangor. Her blog is filled with the most amazing and delicious recipes out there! It is thanks to Jess that I am renowned for my excellent white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake and my equally amazing sweet potato wedges with peanut butter! Definitely not two things that are for those on strict diets 🙂 Jess covers such a delicious range of recipes which will instantly make your mouth water and your stomach eat itself. As well as the recipes, the blog is stunningly beautiful; it has been carefully layer out and well thought of, with fantastic images to accompany her posts (remember my post about how powerful images are, and this blog is a wonderful example) She loves getting feedback, so please try a recipe and give her a shout, she’s left us for Canada the minx!

EcoWild Garden & Landscape Design – /

Well, of course I was going to have to mention my partner’s blogs. Not just because it is slightly mandatory for me to show my support, but also because I support Mike with proof reading and guest posts, and above all else, because I LOVE to read what he has been up to. I mean yes, we live together so I tend to get a first hand account of everything, but I love to see his posts created and set out for the people he has following him. My favourite is more the allotment blog, because I bought the plot for him, and also because our son and I are constantly roped into back-breaking labour to cultivate wonderfully, satisfying, organic fruit and vegetables. What is also crucial about the allotment blog, is that it is covering a subject that many are now taking up. I know so many people of my generation who are getting stuck in the mud (excuse the pun) and relishing being able to grown their own things from seed. It’s also important because I do think people need to learn to be able to survive off their own produce; not to be too morbid, but the population is expanding, and I guarantee you growing your own is far cheaper than going to the shops to spend money on fruit and vegetables that are over priced and out of season. Mike allows me to posts recipes that we have tried and tested using the things we have grown, and without too much tooting of my own horn, they are amazing. So, make sure you look both up, whether you have been looking to have your garden redone, or you want to know how to successfully grow garlic, you won’t ever be bored.

Abbie Leanne Sharman –

Abbie is another wonderful friend from the world of university. If you want a blog that covers everything from love, relationships and dating, to science, beauty and writing, then Abbie’s blog is the one for you. Aside from the fact that she is the sharpest person I know when writing anything, it is also incredibly honest, giving readers a real insight in Abbie and her life from university to London. Abbie is above all else, an artist, and incredibly talented when either behind or in front of the camera. Like Being Positive, Abbie has kept the background of the blog plain, whilst allowing her images and captions capture the interest of the reader. This works because this is who Abbie is, and what her blog represents. It is an extensive blog, yet it doesn’t feel cramped and readers are not made to feel like they are constantly having posts thrown at them. Her blog is not filled with irrelevant posts, or posts for the sake of posting, it’s all relevant because it’s what is important to her.

So, there we have it, five blogs that I constantly have my eyes on. Do suggest other blogs that you have come across that you love to read. Don’t forget that if you are looking to set up a blog, have posts proof read, or simply want some guidance on how it could be layer out, send me an e-mail at



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