A LinkedIn Group


So, though a little later than promised, a quick note on the groups of LinkedIn, how they work and how they can benefit you.

There is a group for everything and anything professional within the world of LinkedIn, it’s merely a case of searching for the ones that suit you best. You can join up to 50 of them, and leave anytime you like to replace them with a group that you feel might be more suited to you.

If you are only just starting with LinkedIn, I suggest that once you have set up your profile and made a few connections, allow LinkedIn to throw you suggestions. 99% of the time! it is spot on about suggesting a group that will be beneficial for you to join. Make sure you carefully read exactly what he group is for, what posts they want and don’t want, and have a good read through previous posts if you can. This will give you a feel for what to expect.

I recommend writing a brief hello on the group page, but it certainly isn’t a necessity. If you are setting up your own group page, then you will most definitely need an introduction; ensure that you mention how long you’ve been in your current position for, why you’ve set up the group page, what you’re looking to get out of it, and any rules you’d like future members to abide to. Remember that groups can also be private.

I recommend a handful of groups to start with simply because you will get daily e-mails about posts that have been put up by other members, or posts about anything that you have liked or commented on within the group. I guarantee that the more groups you’re part of, the more you will dread your phone going off letting you know that you have an e-mail. Even with a handful, you won’t always have the time or the need to check what’s been posted every day. Make it a rule of thumb to check it once a week, but if in the meantime anything pops up during the week that you want to comment on then by all means do so.

If you remember, I recently worked with Michael Berwick and his blogs. He found LinkedIn groups great when he was trying to get opinions on what sort of logo he should have. He created an opinion poll with 10 different logos, found relevant groups on LinkedIn and asked people to vote and to write why they had voted for that particular one, or add any suggestions they might have. You will find that LinkedIn groups will have well over 100 accumulative years of experience on the chosen group subject, so any advice and opinion will always be welcome.

And that is LinkedIn groups in a nut shell; as always, if I have missed anything or you simply want to post an experience you’ve had with LinkedIn groups, please feel free. If you want any advice or guidance with groups, please e-mail me at emma@laboromarketingsolutions.com



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