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I hope you have been enjoying exploring the wonders of writing a blog, and have also had some fun reading through ones which could clearly do with some guidance.

I have recently had the pleasure of taking on Karen Chantler, who is owner and director of Hart Enterprises ( Her business involves coming together with both employers and employees to strengthen working relationships and take businesses from strength to strength. Karen is rather wonderful; our meetings always consist of a glass of wine and putting the world to rights, and then a little business chat… if we have time. Our focus has currently been on the world of LinkedIn and I realised that it might be worth a post.

LinkedIn is essentially the working world version of Facebook; it is taken seriously because people all over the world use it, from posting updates about their business projects, to scouring the site for potential candidates for positions within their company. It is your on-line CV, and thus you have to ensure that it is constantly up to date, filled with every job you have ever had, every skill that you posses. On top of all this, you need to fill it with all your academic achievements, both in and out of school. Make sure you have contact details, website links, everything to point people to you and to help them get in touch with you.

Like Facebook, but more professional, LinkedIn also has numerous groups which are specific to careers, technology, software, solutions, schools, collages, universities everything and anything that will allow you to have discussions and promote what you are doing career wise. The best thing about these groups is that they are in themselves, mini communities for you to help others who are experiencing problems with a subject you might have great knowledge on, and vice versa. Within LinkedIn, again like Facebook, you can create a business page which will obviously only contain information on your business, and any products, topics, news, promotions relevant to your business.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, I would say that LinkedIn is a social media site where more connections speak volumes. This will be because each connection will show you a further two to three other people who you can connect with. As well as this, you can then go through the recommended connections that LinkedIn will compile from your profile and the people who you have already connected with, giving you the widest range of possible leads within the world of social media platforms.

Within the connections you will make with LinkedIn, there will be those that you have previously worked with. What I strongly recommend you do is ask for a recommendation, and ensure that you return the favour by writing a recommendation to the person that has written one about you. Recommendations carry a lot of weight; again remember the post I wrote about how much credibility you gain if friends are willing to vouch for you publicly on Facebook, this is like that but again more professional. People who have worked with you, who will have seen what you are like dealing with all sorts of situations in all sorts of scenarios, will hopefully be writing about how great you are and recommending that people approach you for work.

I don’t really feel like this is enough of a clear explanation of just what LinkedIn can do, so take it as a general overview. I am making a plan to write a post every week and I will go into further, clearer detail about every aspect of LinkedIn, perhaps with examples. I make no promises though!

Again, for any questions, quires or if you feel I have missed something out or got something utterly wrong, leave a comment.



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