Apologies for taking so long to post this; I’ve had such a manic few weeks and this has been sat in my drafts waiting to be sent.

In the last blog, I talked about how important it was not to be lazy with your blogs. I do hate to repeat myself, and I also don’t like the idea of boring people, but I feel like this needs to be mentioned.

Do not cheat on your blog. It is so obvious and more than anything else, it can get you into serious trouble. Remember the blog I mentioned that I read for fun because of the mistakes and the lack of knowledge on the subject of the blog? I was catching up the other day, and noted that a new post had been added. There was me praying that maybe they had decided to make more of an effort; and I was surprised to see that there was not one single spelling, grammatical or punctuation error to be seen. Hurrah! Then I realised that the paragraphs didn’t all make sense, they didn’t appear to flow very well. That will be because the person who wrote the blog post had gone and copied paragraphs from other leading magazines and newspapers. Imagine at this point, me smacking my palm into my face and muttering a lot.

I mean it is just stupid. Firstly, as I stated, it’s obvious. People who start keeping up with your blog will get a feel for what you have actually written yourself, and for things that don’t sound like you at all. Don’t forget that blogs are like an open diary, even if they are professional, your personality will splash on to the page in some way or another. Secondly, by all means quote newspapers and articles, or add the link of the article or newspaper that you are quoting and discussing, but learn how to cite the original. Don’t copy things and try to pass it off as your own work. Thirdly, if you don’t know all the details of what you are talking about, why on earth are you blogging about it like you do? Be honest; use your blog like a friendly non face to face way of asking for the public’s knowledge and opinion on the subjects that you are unsure of.

Please take note, read this post by Corey Eridon ‘How not to steal People’s content on the web.’

It is not worth getting into trouble over, and more to the point, not worth people like me reading it and using it as a ‘what not to do’ guide.

Hope this helps, though if there is anything you’d like to know, or anything that you feel I missed out on, please leave a comment.



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