Take your time and check before you hit send


I recently got an e-mail on LinkedIn offering me a special service for my website, which would apparently turn all the visitors to my website into hot leads and successful business transactions. I politely declined. I then received an e-mail whilst in the office from the same company who had reached out to me over LinkedIn, but this time from a different employee within the company. I rolled my eyes and was about to delete the e-mail, when an incredible sentence caught my eye. It read something like this ‘… I really do believe that the services we offer will be rite up your street.’ I almost laughed out loud. The more I read, the worse the spelling got. On top of the bad spelling, the grammar and the language of the e-mail also got worse. This e-mail was quite long; and I would assume from the spelling that the person who had sent it had not just spent ages carefully compiling it.

So this not only reflects badly on the employee, but on the company too. Why would you write up an e-mail, but not bother to check the spelling, the grammar, or the way it sounded? Who in their right mind will think that sending an e-mail like that will get people interested, enough to actually call the company and enquire after the services they are offering?

I understand that people are under pressure to hit sales targets, that companies are also under pressure to ensure that they are getting results. But mistakes just make you look lazy. It does not take long to go over what you have written before you click that send button. If you are not sure, use the internet! Or even better, send it to someone you trust and ask them to check it. It honestly is not worth risking annoying people you are hoping to follow-up with a call.

When it comes to spelling and grammar, don’t just think of your e-mails. Remember your bios in your social media platforms, and most importantly, your website. These will be the first places that your potential customers will find you. Spelling mistakes count because it annoys people. I know that you see stars getting annoyed with followers on Twitter who correct them on spelling, but that is different. They are already loved by thousands, so it doesn’t make a difference to them. You can’t afford to be lazy and look sloppy.

One more thing… a bit of a dirty secret if you like. I am currently following a blog not related to work, which is probably the worst written blog I have ever read. I mean spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that make your toes curl. But I can’t stop reading it because it just makes me laugh. The person has gone to great efforts to do research of some kind to get the content together for the blog, and it’s all ruined by the bad spelling and the bad grammar.

Please, please, please… Take your time and check everything before you hit send.




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