Why images are so valuable


If you carefully look at social media sites we use on a daily basis, you’ll come to the realisation that you are using LEGAL software to spy on others and advertise yourself for all the world to see. And if you have a business, why shouldn’t you be abusing these factors to make your business grow successfully?

We have Facebook and Twitter to let our customers and competitors know that whilst we are doing business, we also still have a social and interactive side to us. We have LinkedIn to connect, discuss and debate with like minded people who may work in the same sector as us. We also use LinkedIn to find new employees, we can research what they have been doing since the age of 11 and see whether they would benefit our organisations. We have places such as WordPress and Blogspot to write in depth about our new products, new promotions, news that affect our customers, or to give an opinion on current business news and events.

But the most powerful social media tools out there for a business? Instagram and Pinterest.

Why? Because not only do you have the power to be social, broadcast what your company is currently up to, promote products, research like minded individuals and leave opinions on business news and events… You can do it with images and videos.

This is the time where saying things like ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is right. It lets your customers see more into your daily business life. It shows that whilst you are doing business, you still have a personal side, and that is extremely important to customers. Every day the news is filled with people complaining about how they have treated, so pictures will help to ensure that it doesn’t happen to you.

What ever your business size, you don’t have to worry about the costs of these pictures either. Remember those very valuable Facebook friends? Why not get some of them to come along to an event you’re attending and just take photos of you interacting with customers and people making enquiries? Get them to come to your office and take pictures of your staff at work, and even add a few pictures from the Christmas staff party where the boss was ever so slightly tipsy 🙂

Organise a consultation with me, and I can come to the events and upload everything there and then! Remember that the bespoke packages I offer can be tailor made to suit your business needs and to make sure that you’re spending your money on the solutions that will enhance your business.

Visit the website http://www.laboromarketingsolutions.com or e-mail me at emma@laboromarketingsolutions.com for more information.



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