How you’re Facebook friends can help your business


I cannot begin to count the amount of business owners who say things like ‘my Facebook likes don’t really count because it’s just my friends.’ I hear this and mentally roll my eyes.

Whether you have just started out, or your business has been around for some time, your first stop on the social media site bandwagon should be with Facebook. Facebook currently has over a billion users, and businesses are now acquiring up to 52% of their customers through the rapidly growing site. So why wouldn’t you get it? And more importantly, why would you not get your friends to like your page and help to spread the word? Not to start getting all moral, but if they really are your friend and want you to do well, they will like and share everything because they believe in you and what you represent.

Remember that the word of a friend carries a great deal of weight with the recommendation. No one recommends a friend they don’t believe in. Likewise, no one will recommend a product they don’t believe in. That’s why you will get a lot of posts and updates on Danni Alders the make-up artist, or Tom Crane, who designed my website. They have done fantastic work, and I am more than happy to run through the town screaming about how great they are. You’re friends should be doing the same. The other great thing about your friends liking and sharing your posts is that you don’t know who will see them, so it’s a great way for you to be advertised to people who might need what your business is offering.

You need to think of Facebook like the modern version of word of mouth. Word of mouth is of course still the fastest way to spread news, and still the fastest way to see results. But Facebook simply enhances the messages that you might be trying to spread.

So, get in touch with me today and let’s make a strategic Facebook marketing plan. I can do all the customer research for you and we can then move forwards and make sure people are only talking about your business.

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