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Well I really do need to get stuck into this don’t I! So to kick off the blogging world of this company, I thought it might be a good idea to promote a company that I have had the pleasure of working with.

I shall state this now; what Danni Alders doesn’t know about make-up isn’t worth knowing. Saying that she is extremely talented isn’t enough, and I don’t say this lightly. If you are anything like me, and I will assume that most women are, it will have taken you years to find the right make-up products that suit everything from your skin type, to skin tone, texture and even shape. It is the most time consuming, frustrating thing to do in the world, because getting it wrong means that you have gotten it really wrong. I’m talking umpa-lumpa style wrong.

The other problem when it comes to make-up is that everyone thinks that they know it. And they don’t, even your best friend doesn’t. Your skin changes with age, and that age jump doesn’t just mean going from a teenager to granny. I’m talking going from being a 10 year old with no idea what a make-up brush even looks like, to a fully blow, hormonal girl, with bad acne, oily pores, dry skin, pale skin, red skin, blotchy skin, freckled nose, dark circles… You name it, it will have appeared on your face at some point. And if it hasn’t, then you are either extremely lucky or lying.

So, all that aside, imagine the feeling of finding someone who not only understands all the problems that arise with skin, but can also give you numerous solutions to the problems, and above all else, someone who gives you the tools to look great? That is exactly what Danni has done for me. So when I started making moves to start this company, she was one of the first people I contacted; she needs to be shouted about because she just is bloody fabulous.

Danni has been training as a beauty therapist since the age of 16. She has worked extremely hard, learning, practicing and perfecting her techniques for nearly 10 years now. She has had the fortune of working with MAC for the last six years, and through them has gone from strength to strength. She is now part of the events team at MAC; this has led her to be able to offer private make-up events such as wedding parties, fashion events and specific beauty make-up too. In the last year, Danni has also been requested for red carpet events, charity events, and festival events, including make-up for Beyoncé’s backing dancers at V Festival.

What Danni offers isn’t just expertise in make-up; she is also extremely kind, funny and caring. She will help you create the perfect look for you for any occasion, but she also won’t let you walk out of the house looking like an umpa-lumpa. When you spend time with her, it’s like catching up with your oldest friend, and lucky for me, she is extremely patient and happy to teach. This is what shines through with Danni; of course she wants to do well with her career, but more than anything, she is passionate and believes in what she does 110%, and that is exactly what you want when you are working with someone!

The other great news about Danni is that I am currently helping her to get people together to organise private make-up parties. Of course, it hasn’t been hard. This will mean a group of girls getting together over a shared passion of make-up and a bottle or two of wine, to be taught by the most talented make-up artist I have ever met.

Interested? Whether you have a wedding, a ball, a charity event, a red carpet event; whether you are looking for lessons for every day make-up or styles for the evening, or if you yourself would like to organise a make-up party with your friends, the person you should be calling is Danni. You can visit her website at, you can visit her Facebook page at, where she has started to put up video tutorials for all requests! You can also follow her on Twitter at @Danni_MUA and keep up to date with her events and tips; she also has Instagram DANNI_MUA, so again keep an eye out; and I will soon be helping Danni to create a weekly blog too.

It has been a great joy to write this post because I think it gives you a clearer message about what I am aiming to do. Of course posts will be informative to marketing and social media for businesses; but I also wanted to get out there and inform you on the companies that deserve to be mentioned. I do hope that after this, Danni will be inundated with calls and e-mails, I promise you it will be worth it!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and let me know if you or someone you know has a business that is worth screaming and shouting about!



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